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How much does copyright registration cost?

Register A Copyright provides three pricing plans giving you more options and even greater value. All of our plans include attorney assistance with your copyright registration. The Premium and Deluxe plans, however, offer much more.

Standard - $59

The Standard pricing plan is our baseline service to ensure your works are protected. Rather than sifting through legal jargon and page after page of confusing questions, we've distilled the application process down to its essentials and provide examples and explanations to further assist you. Once your questionnaire is completed, our copyright attorneys will review it for accuracy and compliance, ensuring maximum protection under the law. Rest assured, your copyright will be registered the right way with our help.

Premium - $99

Prepare for the future by selecting the Premium plan. This option includes everything in the Standard plan, plus a one hour attorney consultation if you believe your work has been infringed – a $350 value! By paying a small premium up front, you are prepaying for a consultation of up to one hour to discuss any potential infringements of your creative works. You will have the security of knowing that experienced copyright litigators are here to advise you.

Deluxe - $149

Our Deluxe plan gives you the greatest degree of savings. This plan contains everything in the Premium plan, plus one cease-and-desist letter drafted specifically for you by our copyright attorneys. Should you discover someone has infringed your creative work, this cease-and-desist letter notifies the infringer that you are the rightful copyright owner and demands that the infringer stop all unauthorized use of the copyrighted work. Plan ahead and save by choosing our Deluxe plan today.

Note: Our prices and money back guarantee are only good for works eligible for online registration. If your business requires copyright registrations in bulk contact us to discuss a special cost-saving solution for you. Additionally, if you anticipate copyright litigation, a customs matter, or have a contract or publishing deadline, you may want to consider the Special Handling option offered by the Copyright Office. Please Contact Us for more information about these options and, if appropriate, we will design a customized pricing plan to address your specific needs.

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